i threw my hometown off the Tetons (and then found it again), Part 1

When tiny seeds are planted and roots are kept safe, perennial blossoming is sure to take place. – AtlasofLight.com – I limped across the stage with my walking cast [I conveniently broke my foot in 2 places just a few weeks before college graduation], then shook hands with a man I’d never met to accept my diploma. Hal. Le. Lu….

marley, sodor, birds, and love (how I pushed aside fear and worry with LOVE)

Following this past Monday morning at 5am–when I was staring blankly, jaw dropped, after spilling coffee on my priceless laptop–I went through several emotional states. First, was a period of serious Denial (that my only absolutely necessary work tool to get several deadline projects completed was gone); then Action (think who has the Adobe design suite on a mac, is…