Atlas of Light: Navigating this Messy Journey with Light

Atlas of Light is the result of the nearly a year of me spilling my guts, trying to be real, paying attention to experiences, and letting go of fears to a higher power… then using that burning fire to fuel this new project. The year that I started Atlas of Light held some of the most interesting and trying days of my life and it was that time of extreme trial (as usual) that propelled it into existence. So, who am I?

IMG_3492 copyI’m a wife, mother of two, sister, daughter, business owner, artist, singer, designer, survivor of bad choices in my college years, survivor of miscarriages, witness to heartbreaking trials of close friends and family, addicted to creating, rearranging furniture and art on the walls, lover of fine chocolate, red wine and margaritas. I yearn for the richness, simplicity, and rejuvenating qualities of getting outside in nature. I’m usually full of emotion–you could say I’m dramatic OR you could say I’m a very passionate person. A few years ago, I had a very real, vivid experience that sent me on a projectile towards God and trying to get to know him. As I devoted time into that relationship (like any other relationship) I DID learn more about Him and cultivated very tangible trust in God and an overflowing love for the peace he brings. This blog is the product of a directive to share his grace. Now, I beg you not to box this into religion. I’m not religious about anything, just passionate about an unconditional  love..His name is LOVE.

Atlas of Light is my little, precious collection of writings, art, and recorded direction that I’ve finally “birthed” after the initial 11 months of exploration and trial to get to this point. A friend actually said we should pray for protection over my giant pile of notebooks because I carried it with me everywhere and I would be devastated if it were to somehow be lost or destroyed. (READ ABOUT HOW I CAME UP WITH THE BLOG NAME).


Atlas of Light is the answer to intentional questions I asked, absolute fears and joys I shared over and over and over during prayer and silence to–what has now become–my perfect, holy counselor. (READ ABOUT MY WONDERFUL COUNSELOR).

Atlas of Light is me. in public. hoping to be real and vulnerable to the world. human and sinful and imperfect. um. yeah. that’s everyone on this earth, isn’t it? (READ ABOUT VULNERABLE IMPERFECTION).

Atlas of Light is me. scared as hell as I let my insides out to unknown people. (READ ABOUT MY FEARS HERE).

Atlas of Light is me, sooooo, please forgive me if I ever offend with any words as I never mean to. I’m trying my best to express myself with kindness and love and mercy and grace. I really am trying, you have to know that. (READ ABOUT FORGIVENESS HERE).

I hope you enjoy my little Atlas of Light in big ways.

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