why the name?


An Atlas is a “book of illustrations, diagrams, maps, and charts on any subject”. My Atlas is a “book” compiled of journeys in day to day life reflecting on the subject of the Light that shines throughout these journeys. The Light is the undeniable spirit of God that I’ve grown to find. The Atlas of Light is my ongoing collection published for all to see WHERE I have discovered this good, loving, everlasting presence always available to us to guide the journey.

image2The Atlas itself is made up of writings, art, music, prayers based on challenges and celebrations I’ve experienced or thoughts, themes, and focused writings I feel I’ve been led to share. This Atlas tracks and records my journey – the one I’m on and you are on RIGHT NOW. This journey is happening whether you like it or not. You can’t pause it because you are IN it. The thick of it. Its path is laid with the precious, precious moments that weave together to make this messy life here on earth. The minute details and the massive big pictures. Even the itty bitty things that may slip through the cracks, but you remember later realizing how big they actually were – or how little they were. This one path (our life) is ours for navigating. We may walk, we may run, and we may just stop and say where the hell am I? How did I get here? But we ARE navigating daily and can decide for ourselves what kind of navigator we will be. What will guide us? What will we carry with us? I carry attitudes, beliefs, memories, and knowledge. These I carry as part of myself. But the navigation can be exhausting, can’t it? Knowing which way to go, how fast, how slow, who to pick up along the way, what to let go of because it’s not serving us, and where to go next… It can be overwhelming as heck. Like using  a map without knowing if the world is flat or round. Well, my friends, a Light has shown itself on my Atlas. A Light that fills me up till I’m overflowing. This overflowing is what I’m sharing.


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  1. Robin says:

    LOVE the meaning behind the name!

    1. SNelsen says:

      Thanks, Robin! I’m trying to really try to focus on the light [God’s light] that is available to all of us and I’m hoping this can be a place to contain and share all of those light-revealing moments and experiences.

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